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Reproduction Henry VI Groat Obverse

Reproduction Henry VI Groat Reverse
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Ceolwulf I Silver Penny
Charles I Silver Crown of Exeter Mint
Charles I Tower Mint Silver Penny
Charles I York Mint Silver Threepence
Charles I Richmond Copper Farthing
Charles the Bold Double Stuiver
Charles the Bold Groat
William and Mary Crown Replica
Edward I Silver Penny
Elizabeth I Silver Halfgroat
Eric Bloodaxe Silver Penny
Ethelred II (The Unready) Silver Penny
Ethelstan Silver Penny
Henry VI Silver Groat
Henry VIII Half Sovereign
Tavistock 1811 Copper Penny Token
Henry VIII Replica Gold Sovereign

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In recent years, there has been a flood of modern replica and reproduction coins, not all of which are clearly identifiable as such, and many of which are marketed with less than scrupulous care and honesty.

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    The Millionaires Collection
    Euphemistic marketing by the misleading named London Mint Office, of replica coins. Talk about propaganda! the Lowest Possible Price

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