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QuantityDescriptionPrice £Price US $Total £ / $
 Ceolwulf I Silver Penny£3.95$5.50 
 Charles I Silver Crown of Exeter Mint£85.00$135.00 
 Charles I Tower Mint Silver Penny£5.65$9 
 Charles I York Mint Silver Threepence£7.95$12.75 
 Charles I Richmond Copper Farthing£1.25$1.95 
 Charles the Bold Double Stuiver£9.65$15.45 
 Charles the Bold Groat£8.25$13.25 
 Edward I Silver Penny£4.50$6.50 
 Elizabeth I Silver Halfgroat£3.50$4.95 
 Eric Bloodaxe Silver Penny£7.95$12.75 
 Ethelred II (The Unready) Silver Penny£7.95$12.75 
 Ethelstan Silver Penny£3.95$5.95 
 Henry VI Silver Groat£6.95$9.95 
 Tavistock 1811 Copper Penny Token£8.00


 Postage & Packing at buyer's risk or...£3.5  
 ...Postage & Packing Fully Insured £9  
 Air Mail Postage, Packing, Handling at buyer's risk or...$10 
 ...Fully Insured Shipping$20 
 Cheque / Check EnclosedTotal  

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