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Retail Jewellers

We never describe ourselves as retail jewellers, but prefer to call ourselves simply jewellers.
To be even more precise, we need to describe ourselves more fully, by explaining that we design and make high quality diamond rings which we sell at cash & carry prices. We also stock and sell a range of gold jewellery in both 9 carat and 18 carat gold, together with a growing selection of platinum. Most of our prices are 25% to 50% below HIgh Street Prices.
As we do sell direct to the public, we suppose we do in fact retail. We also sell to other jewellers, so we could call ourselves wholesale jewellers, and because we actually manufacture our own diamond rings, and some wedding rings, we could call ourselves manufacturing jewellers. This is why we prefer the simple description "jewellers", rather than qualify it with words like retail, wholesale, manufacturing.
We don't even admit to having a "shop", and would prefer to call it a showroom.

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