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18ct White Gold Wishbone Set with Black and White Diamonds
Multi-Coloured Diamond Set Wishbone in Platinum

Diamond Set Wedding Rings
Any ring which can be made with near-colourless diamonds can also be made with coloured diamonds. It may be more difficult because of the greater rarity of coloured diamonds, and the greater problem to find matching stones, but it can be done, with great results.

Range of Colours
We can source almost any colour diamonds, including orange and purple diamonds, as well as plain vanilla white diamonds. There are hue and shade variations for each main colour, pinks tend to vary quite considerably.

Natural or Enhanced
Natural fancy coloured diamonds are very rare, and usually have prices to match. Enhanced coloured diamonds are easier to obtain, but are also still quite rare compared with near-white diamonds. We offer both natural and enhanced diamonds as available. Our main aim is to create a beautiful attractive and practical piece of jewellery, so we are quite happy to use enhanced coloured diamonds. If you feel your diamonds must be natural please specify this when ordering or enquiring, but please do bear in mind that you may have to pay between 10 and 100 times more for natural coloured diamonds, and it is likely to take much longer to source natural diamonds. Typically it can take weeks or months, sometimes longer, for us to source enhanced coloured diamonds, this is likely to be months, years or longer to source natural coloured diamonds. It is even possible that the natural coloured diamonds you want do not exist!

Multi-Coloured Diamond Set Wishbone in Platinum
This particular platinum wishbone ring has been set with enhanced pink, yellow and blue modern brilliant diamonds and baguette white (colour-less) diamonds. The total weight in the ring is 0.12ct.

Price & Availability:-
Ref #Diamond WeightWidthRSP £Price £Price $Available
50800.05ct White
0.03ct Yellow
0.03ct Blue
0.01ct Pink

Because most diamond set wedding rings are individually made, prices vary considerably. Prices and availability of coloured diamonds also vary.
In time we will try to provide a guide price list for a number of our special order rings, but in general you should find that our wedding ring prices are at least one third less than high street retail prices, sometimes only one half.

Gold, Platinum or Palladium
The ring shown was actually made in platinum, but we would can make our rings in palladium or 18ct gold.

Ring Finger Size Advice - General
Special sizing advice applies to diamond set wedding rings.
Our usual practice is to ask you to check your fit when we have the "blank" ready for setting. It is easier to adjust the finger size before setting than afterwards.

Ring Finger Sizes - International Conversion Chart

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