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Gents Large Black Diamond Ring
Gents Large Black Diamond Ring

Gents Large Black Diamond Ring

The customer came to us with a large loose 10.16ct black diamond, he's had a lot of pieces made with us previously and on this occasion he wanted us to make him very simple gents signet ring style. Because of the size of the stone it was going to be heavy so we decided to make it in palladium to keep the weight and cost down.

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Notes on Table
Diamond Weight = Diamond weight in carats.
Colour = Diamond Colour (Our Estimate)
Clarity = Diamond Clarity (Our Estimate)

Other Colours, Qualities and Sizes Available
If you like the style of this ring, we can supply it with an almost limitless choice of colour, clarity, including D Flawless. Prices will vary according to size and quality, but will be far less than you would pay in the High Street.

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