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The Royal Mint Annual Report 2001

Improved Delivery Time on Collectors Coins
In its 2001 annual report, the Royal Mint reveals that it improved its service levels on deliveries of collector's coins. Its target is to deliver 95% of its orders within 25 days of order, or specified release date. It managed to improve from 68% to 88%. Although this is obviously a significant improvement, we are unimpressed because...

Chard's Delivery Beats it Silly!
Yes our deliveries are much faster. Although we don't maintain accurate performance records, we can quite easily and accurately state that our deliveries are much better. Over 95% of our orders are mailed out within 24 hours of receipt of order, published release date, or promised delivery date. And we are not even satisfied with that!

A Few Quick Statistics
From the Royal Mint's 2001 annual report and our own accounts, we did a quick reckoning and came up with the following statistics.
We have adjusted the figures so that they show the ratio between ourselves and the Royal Mint:-
AttributeChardRoyal Mint
Sales £1x 100
Employees1x 363
Capital Employed1x 540
Operating Profit1x -10

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