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On most of our jewellery pages we quote "RSP" or "SRP".
This page is here to explain what we mean by it, how we arrive at the figures, and more.
We start out with by expanding the abbreviations we use:-
SRP = Suggested Retail Price
RSP = Retail Selling Price or Recommended Selling Price
RRP = Recommended Retail Price
MRRP = Manufacturer's Recommended Retail Price
SRRP = Supplier's Recommended Retail Price

They All Mean the Same
All the above expressions mean more or less the same thing.

Open to Abuse
Unfortunately they are all subject to possible abuse. It is not unknown for some manufacturers to quote inflated prices for their products to make them appear more valuable and to create the illusion that the consumer is getting a better deal than from a competitor's product.

How Accurate are Chard's RSP's?
When we apply them to jewellery, we apply the same standards that we apply to jewellery valuations. We try to be completely objective about the valuations we perform whether they are insurance replacement valuations for customers or for our own products. The value we arrive at is intended to be a typical retail price for the article with due regard for its quality and the type of store which would sell that type of item. If anything we tend to be slightly conservative in our valuation figures.

Chard Club Prices
The Chard Club prices we quote are our "Cash & Carry" selling prices. We explain elsewhere on our site how we manage to offer such remarkable value, but we will reiterate it briefly here.

Discount Levels
Although we prefer not to consider ourselves as a discount jeweller, and would prefer that our jewellery sold because of its design quality and value, the fact is that our jewellery is generally lower in price than our High Street competitors. The exact percentages vary, and we cannot guarantee every price individually, but generally our prices are lower by these amounts:
DescriptionDiscount Range
Diamond Rings30% to 40%
Gold Jewellery25% to 40%
Wedding Rings30% to 50%
Platinum Jewellery20% to 50%

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