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Sapphire & Diamond Cluster Ring
Sapphire & Diamond Cluster Ring

Sapphire & Diamond Rings
We design and make a range of classic and individual styles of rings using sapphires of all shades and shapes.
We use darker sapphire from Australia, Kanchanaburra, and other sources, and lighter Ceylon type sapphires from Sri Lanka.
We only have a small selection shown on our website. Many more to follow.

Sapphire Ring Selection
Sapphire SolitaireSapphire Solitaires
Twin Sapphire & Diamond Cluster in Figure of EightSapphire Clusters
Octagonal Sapphire & Two Diamonds Sapphire and Diamond Three Stones
Eternity With Princess Cut Diamonds Sapphire and Diamond Eternity Rings
Sapphire Dress Ring Sapphire Dress Rings

Secondhand Rings
We also have a large stock of previously owned rings including sapphire and diamond, please see our second-hand rings page.

Sapphire Information

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