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For the few who do not know what "scouse" is, we give a brief explanation.
  1. The language spoken by the natives of Liverpool and surrounding areas.
  2. A person who speaks scouse, or originates from the Liverpool area.
  3. A culinary creation resembling stew.
The following table should completely clarify most scouse expressions.
Some will require the application of a modicum of thought.

beer can headtown south of the River Mersey opposite Liverpool and linked by a tunnel
blind scousequasi-vegetarian stew
bone orchardcemetery
da' (pronounced dar)father
getting off at Edge Hillsimple inexpensive method of contraception
jiggertypical location for knee-trembler
kinnellexpression of surprise
la' (pronounced lar)lad
latch-lifter(paid) first drink
knee-tremblervertically experienced brief liaison
Paddy's wigwamThe Catholic Cathedral
skid marksnot as valuable as Deutsche Marks
VaticanThe new VAT Office in Liverpool
wear the fox hatenquiry as to geographical location

Amazingly, we just learnt that 29th March 2000 was "National Scouse Day"

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