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Second Hand Gold Sovereign Pendants
It is traditional in many countries to wear gold coin jewellery.
Fashions change, and the style of the mounts change to follow fashion.
Here we offer a variety of second hand or "previously owned" sovereign and half sovereign pendants, and also some mounted coins from around the world.

Prices & Availability
All prices on our websites are subject to fluctuation and availability. Please check before ordering.
ImageReferenceWeightDateTypeDescriptionAvailableOur Price £Price $
Fancy Diamond Shaped Half Sovereign Pendant websp00512.02g1982Queen Elizabeth IIFancy Diamond Shaped Half Sovereign PendantSold£250$Ask
Large Fancy Tiered Sovereign Pendant websp00620.7g1929King George VLarge Fancy Tiered Sovereign PendantSold£440$Ask
Heart Design Sovereign Pendant websp00711.8g1887Queen Victoria Young HeadHeart Design Sovereign PendantSold£330$Ask
Scroll Top Sovereign Pendant websp0089.5g1911King George VScroll Top Sovereign PendantSold£270$Ask
Fancy 'Heart and Arrow' Sovereign Pendant websp00912.6g1967Queen Elizabeth IIFancy 'Heart and Arrow' Sovereign PendantSold£340$Ask
Fancy 'Leaf and Circle' Sovereign Pendant websp01018.8g1886Queen Victoria Young HeadFancy 'Leaf and Circle' Sovereign PendantSold£435$Ask
Plain Sovereign Pendant websp0118.1g1968Queen Elizabeth IIPlain Sovereign PendantSold£260$Ask
Fancy Sovereign Pendant websp01212.6g1901Queen Victoria Old HeadFancy Sovereign PendantSold£325$Ask
Enamelled Sovereign Pendant websp01311.9g1907King Edward VIIEnamelled Sovereign PendantSold£305$Ask
Sovereign Pendant with Curved Base websp01411.5g1968Queen Elizabeth IISovereign Pendant with Curved BaseYes£300$Ask
US Eagle in Plain Mount websp01518.6g1914Indian Head $10US Eagle in Plain MountSold£525$Ask
Ornate Leaf Design Sovereign Pendant websp01615.6g1966Queen Elizabeth IIOrnate Leaf Design Sovereign PendantSold£365$Ask
US Double Eagle in Fancy Repeated Scroll Design Pendant websp01743.1g1908St Gaudens $20US Double Eagle in Fancy Repeated Scroll Design Pendant
Please note that this image is not a clear representation of the coin. Unfortunately due to the lighting we use
Ornate 'Swirly' Undulating Kruger Pendant websp01844.2g1970South African 1oz KrugerrandOrnate 'Swirly' Undulating Kruger PendantSold£1,155$Ask
Scroll Top Mounted Britannia websp01936.5g19871oz Standing BritanniaScroll Top Mounted BritanniaSold£1,065$Ask
Fancy Scroll Design Pendant websp02021.0g1915*Austrian 4 DucatFancy Scroll Design PendantSold£560$Ask
Mill-grained 1/4 oz Kruger Pendant websp02110.5g1981South African 1/4 oz KrugerrandMill-grained 1/4 oz Kruger PendantSold£300$Ask
Diamond Cut Pendant websp0228.4g1986Canadian 1/4 oz MapleDiamond Cut PendantSold£270$Ask
US Quarter Eagle Scroll Top Pendant websp0238.9g1906Liberty Head Coronet $5US Quarter Eagle Scroll Top PendantSold£240$Ask
1887 Five Pound Piece Pendant websp0248.9g1887Queen Victoria Jubilee HeadFive Pound Piece Fancy Scroll Top PendantYes£280$Ask
1899 Sovereign Pendant websp0258.9g1899Queen Victoria Old HeadFancy Rope Design Sovereign PendantSold£270$Ask
1899 Sovereign Pendant websp0268.9g1899Queen Victoria Old HeadWhite and Yellow Gold Fancy 'Flower and Leaf' Design Sovereign PendantSold£270$Ask
1887 Five Pound Piece Pendant websp02743.5g1887Queen Victoria Jubilee HeadFive Pound Piece Scroll Top PendantYes£585$Ask
1979 Krugerrand Pendant websp02837g1979 South African 1oz KrugerrandSouth African Kruger PendantSold£1,045$Ask
1974 Krugerrand Pendant websp02944.8g1974South African 1oz Krugerrand Fancy South African Kruger PendantSold£1,160$Ask
1912 Sovereign Pendant websp03011.2g1912George VSovereign Circular Design Fancy PendantSold£300$Ask
1935 Two and a Half Pahlevi websp03132.2g1935 1935 Two and a Half Pahlevi PendantSold£705$Ask
1925 Half Sovereign Pendant websp032 1925 1925 Half Sovereign PendantSold£ask$Ask
1947 Mexican 50 Pesos Pendant websp03845.3g1947 1947 Mexican 50 Pesos PendantSold£1,125$Ask
1911 Sovereign Pendant websp0397.4g1982QEII1982 Half Sovereign PendantSold£185$Ask
1887 Half Sovereign Pendant websp0404.7g1887Queen Victoria Jubilee Head1887 Half Sovereign PendantSold£165$Ask
1981 Tenth Ounce Kruger Pendant websp0414.2g1981 1981 Tenth Ounce Kruger PendantYes£125$Ask
1911 Sovereign Pendant websp0428.4g1911George V1911 Sovereign PendantSold£235$Ask
1935 Two and a Half Pahlevi websp0438.9g1914George V1914 Sovereign PendantSold£240$Ask
1935 Two and a Half Pahlevi websp0449.8g1908Edward VII1908 Sovereign PendantSold£255$Ask
1887 Double Sovereign Pendant websp04518.3g1887Queen Victoria Jubilee Head1887 Double Sovereign PendantYes£480$Ask
1820 Sovereign Pendant websp0468.8g1820George III1820 Sovereign PendantYes£240$Ask
1887 Half Sovereign Pendant websp0478.2g1887Queen Victoria Jubilee Head1887 Half Sovereign PendantSold£185$Ask
1898 South African One Pond Pendant websp0488.9g1898 1898 South African One Pond PendantSold£190$Ask
1914 Sovereign Pendant websp0498.7g1914George V1914 Sovereign PendantSold£240$Ask
1914 Half Sovereign Pendant websp0505.2g1914George V1914 Half Sovereign PendantSold£125$Ask
1945 Mexican One Peso Pendant websp0513.9g1945 1945 Mexican One Peso PendantSold£65$Ask
1893 Sovereign Pendant websp0528.5g1893Queen Victoria Old Head1893 Sovereign PendantSold£235$Ask
1982 Half Sovereign Pendant websp0536.2g1982Queen Elizabeth1982 Half Sovereign PendantSold£220$Ask
1909 Sovereign Pendant websp05414.9g1909Edward VII1909 Sovereign PendantSold£330$Ask
1898 Sovereign Pendant with Garnets websp05515.1g1898Edward VII1898 Sovereign Pendant with GarnetsYes£355$Ask
1908 US $10 Pendant websp05618.6g1908 1908 US $10 PendantYes£425$Ask
1911 US $5 Pendant websp0579.8g1911 1911 US $5 PendantYes£225$Ask
1909 Sovereign Pendant websp05814.9g1893Queen Victoria Old Head1893 Double Sovereign PendantYes£410$Ask
1893 Double Sovereign Pendant websp0598.7g1899 1899 US $21/2 PendantYes£175$Ask
1947 Mexican 50 Pesos Pendant websp06046.4g1947 1947 Mexican 50 Pesos PendantYes£1,065$Ask
1915 Austrian 4 Ducat Pendant websp06123.2g1915 1915 Austrian 4 Ducat PendantYes£495$Ask
1880 US $5 Pendant websp0629.9g1880 1880 US $5 PendantYes£215$Ask
1893 South African One Pond Pendant websp0639.2g1893 1893 South African One Pond PendantNo£210$Ask
One Pahlevi Pendant websp0649.9g  One Pahlevi PendantNo£225$Ask
1975 South African 1oz Kruger Pendant websp06545.3g1975 1975 South African 1oz Kruger PendantNo£975$Ask
1832 Sovereign Pendant websp0669.3g1832 1832 Sovereign PendantSold£245$Ask
1975 South African 1oz Kruger Pendant websp06645.3g1975 1975 South African 1oz Kruger PendantSold£975$Ask
1984 1oz Platinum Noble Pendant websp06740.6g1984 1984 1oz Platinum Noble PendantSold£1,295$Ask
1898 US $20 Pendant websp06840.8g1898 1898 US $20 PendantSold£975$Ask
1897 South African Half Pond Pendant websp0695g1897 1897 South African Half Pond PendantSold£115$Ask
1887 US $10 Pendant websp07017.6g1887 1887 US $10 PendantSold£455$Ask
1915 Austrian 100 Corona Pendant websp07137g1915 1915 Austrian 100 Corona PendantSold£880$Ask
1913 Sovereign Pendant websp0728.7g1913George V1913 Sovereign PendantSold£240$Ask
1905 French 20 Francs Pendant websp0737.3g1905 1905 French 20 Francs PendantSold£170$Ask
1915 Austrian 4 Ducat Pendant websp07419.5g1915 1915 Austrian 4 Ducat PendantSold£460$Ask
1985 Quarter Maple Gold Pendant websp0768.9g1985 1985 Quarter Maple Gold Pendant in 14ct Gold MountSold£240$Ask
1886 Sovereign Pendant websp0778.8g1886Queen Victoria Young Head1886 Sovereign PendantSold£245$Ask
1911 $2<sup>1</sup>/<sub>2</sub> Pendant websp0786.5g1911 1911 $21/2 PendantSold£145$Ask
1858 French 10 Franc Pendant websp0793.7g1858 1858 French 10 Franc PendantSold£105$Ask
1986 Quarter Ounce Maple Pendant in 14ct Gold Mount websp0808.9g1986 1986 Quarter Ounce Maple Pendant in 14ct Gold MountYes£240$Ask
1887 Double Sovereign Pendant websp084Ask1887Queen Victoria Jubilee Head1887 Double Sovereign PendantNo£425$Ask
1910 Half Sovereign Pendant websp0876.581910Edward VII Head1910 Half Sovereign PendantSold£220$Ask
1887 Double Sovereign Pendant websp08917.601887Queen Victoria Jubilee Head1887 Double Sovereign PendantYes£525$Ask
1887 Double Sovereign Pendant websp090Ask1887Queen Victoria Jubilee Head1887 Double Sovereign PendantYes£525$Ask
1872 Shield Soveriegn Pendant websp09113.641872Queen Victoria Young Head1872 Young Head Sovereign PendantSold£335$Ask
1823 Double Sovereign Pendant websp092Ask1823George IIII1823 Double Sovereign PendantYes£525$Ask
1789 Guinea Pendant websp0938.901789George III1789 Guinea PendantYes£285$Ask
1789 Guinea Pendant websp09420.361789George III1789 Guinea Pendant (contains two guineas)Yes£460$Ask
1773 Guinea Pendant websp0959.81773George III1773 Guinea PendantYes£295$Ask
1711 Guinea Pendant websp0968.741711Anne1711 Guinea PendantYes£295$Ask
1887 Double Sovereign Pendant websp09717.661887Victoria Jubilee Head1887 Double Sovereign PendantYes£495$Ask
1903 Russian 10 Roubles Pendant websp099Ask1903 1903 Russian 10 Roubles PendantSold£220$Ask
1982 Half Sovereign Pendant websp107Ask1982Queen Elizabeth1982 Half Sovereign PendantSold£125$Ask
1959 Mexican 20 Peso Pendant websp10819.91959 1959 Mexican 20 Peso PendantYes£485$Ask
1978 One Hundred Kina Pendant websp10911.71978 1978 Papua New Guinea One Hundred Kina PendantSold£315$Ask
1910 Sovereign Pendant websp1108.31910Edward VII1910 Sovereign PendantYes£240$Ask
1904 Sovereign Pendant websp11112.61904Edward VII1904 Sovereign PendantYes£295$Ask
1999 1oz Gold Panda Pendant websp11233.921999 1999 1oz Gold Panda PendantYes£975$Ask
1863 Australian Sovereign Pendant websp1139.61863Queen Victoria1863 Australian Sovereign PendantSold£285$Ask
2006 Sovereign Pendant websp115 2006Queen Elizabeth II2006 Sovereign PendantSold£285$Ask
1978 Sovereign Pendant websp11714.21978Queen Elizabeth II1978 Sovereign PendantNo£315$Ask
1887 Double Sovereign Pendant websp11817.981887Queen Victoria Jubilee Head1887 Double Sovereign PendantYes£485$Ask
1976 US One Dollar Pendant websp121 1976US One Dollar1976 US One Dollar PendantYes£15$Ask

* Re-strike - please see our 4 Ducats page on our gold coins website.

History & Prices

Although we are primarily a coin dealer, in 1971 we started to offer a select range of sovereign jewellery mounts.
Way back in 1971 our price complete with chain box and postage was just £12.50 for the Elizabeth II, and £13.50 for older monarchs. It's not surprising that we sold about 2,500 within six months! Unfortunately we have had to increase our prices slightly since then, and before you ask, no, we don't have any old stock left!
We will be happy to quote prices for export orders worldwide by airmail.

All our coins are guaranteed genuine.
For customers ordering by post, we want you to be delighted when you receive your coin.
We thrive on repeat business and recommendation.

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De-luxe white leatherette box £2 extra

Postage & Packing:
UK: At buyer's Risk £3.50 or
Fully Insured £9 (Usually by Royal Mail Special Delivery)
USA: Airmail at buyer's risk $10 or
Fully Insured $20
For further details, please see our Postage & Packing page. the Lowest Possible Price

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