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Should I Sell or Keep My Coins?

We often get asked this question.
Really it's a question we can't answer, but we do try to give people helpful advice. In a sense, it a slightly odd question to ask any dealer. After all, if the dealer had just offered you £5 for a coin worth £1,000 you would hardly expect him to advise you to not to sell!

Reasons for Selling
Usually when people ask us the question, they have brought us some coins for us to make an offer. Obviously it is already in their mind to sell, and they just need a little help in deciding. The reasons people bring us coins to sell vary, but the most common are:-

Our Advice
The advice we give has been developed over many years, it is simply this:-
If you are interested in the coins and will get pleasure from looking at them, handling them, putting them on display, then keep them. If on the other hand, you have little or no interest in coins, and will not get any pleasure from continuing to own them, then sell them. This will give you money to spend on something you will enjoy, to put in the bank or invest. It will also give you extra space and get rid of junk and clutter. It will also reduce your likelihood of suffering a loss through burglary, and may reduce your insurance premium.

Selling Coins to Us
If you have a coin which you want to sell, and you know how much you want for it, you can use the form below to contact us.
Please don't use this to ask us the value of your coins, read the other pages of our site:-

What To Do Next
If you would like to send your coins to us, we will happily make you an offer. We would ask you to send it to us, along with all the information you have and a covering letter explaining how much you would like to get for the piece(s) and a cheque for £10. Please ensure you include your contact details, especially your telephone number as we find it a lot quicker and easier to telephone you with an offer rather than spend time writing to you! If you accept our offer we will return your £10 cheque along with a cheque for your coins. If you decline our offer we will use the £10 cheque to cover our costs and the cost of insured return postage.

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