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Portrait of Septimius Severus on Silver Denarius
Portrait of Septimius Severus on Silver Denarius

The Emperor Impersonating Pax on Reverse of Septimius Severus Silver Denarius
The Emperor Impersonating Pax on Reverse of Septimius Severus Silver Denarius

Septimius Severus
193 - 211 AD

Lucius Septimius Severus
Severus was an outstanding soldier, and had become governor of Upper Pannonia (Hungary) by 146 AD when Commodus died. He had already expressed his allegiance to Pertinax before he was murdered and replaced by Didius Julianus. Following this, Severus was elevated to emperor by his troops at Carmuntum, and quickly disposed of both Pertinax and Pescennius Niger, followed by Clodius Albinus. He then spent most of his eight year reign fighting incursions and revolts in various parts of the empire.
In 208 AD he visited Britain where was "much unrest following a great invasion by the barbarians of the North in 197 AD", presumably the Scots, who still re-enact similar events annually. He also rebuilt Hadrian's Wall which had been much vandalised by the same barbarians and partly destroyed. Invading Caledonia (Scotland) proved too much for him and his Roman legions, those who have seen Braveheart will have seen the disrespectful treatment the Scots could meet out to uninvited visitors.
He died in York on 4th February 211.

Featured Coin
Our silver denarius has the laureate head of Severus facing right with the legend SEVERUS PIUS AUG.
The reverse shows the emperor himself impersonating Pax, standing left holding an olive branch, and apparently wearing a hood, a device emulated by many youths of today. The legend FUNDATOR PACIS translates as "the founder of peace", an excellent piece of propaganda worthy of any modern politician, and quite rich coming from a professional soldier.

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