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Sextus Pompey
75-35 B.C (lifetime)

The son of Pompey the Great, Sextus Pompey was one of the leading figures of the Republican Optimates faction. After suffering defeat at the hands of Julius Caesar at the Battle of Munda in 45 BC, Sextus fled to Sicily.
Following the assassination of Caesar in 44 BC, Sextus Pompey continued to build up his power-base in Sicily, based largely on his control of the surrounding seas. Once the Triumvirate had defeated the tyrannicides Cassius and Brutus at the Battle of Phillipi in 42 BC, they then turned their attention upon Sextus. However, his powerful Navy allowed him to confound the Triumvirate and hold them at bay until Octavianís general Agrippa managed to destroy Sextusí Navy in 36 B.C. whereupon Sextus fled to Asia minor, only to be captured and put to death in Miletus.
Although most of the coins of Sextus Pompey either follow in the Republican tradition of having the portrait of deities on their coins or those of his deceased father, some contain his actual portrait. This is in itself quite unusual considering the fact that one of the reasons Julius Caesar was opposed by the republicans was his shocking and quasi-monarchist act of featuring his own anthumous portrait on coins issued in his name.

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