Shipping Instructions Chard 24 Carat Home Page
Please print this form and enclose it with your order or reservation.
Send every set as soon as possibleThis will incur the most shipping charges. 
Ship the first part immediately, and the balance once per month until completeShipping charges will be less than above. 
Ship order in 2 lots, first immediately, then balance when complete.Only 2 lots of shipping charges. 
Ship the entire order only when completeOnly 1 single shipping charge. 
Ship only when I tell you.Optimum flexibility 
None of the above, please follow the instructions I have given.Tell us exactly how and when you want shipping to take place. 


Please enclose with your order to:
Chard, 32 - 36 Harrowside, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY4 1RJ, England

Telephone (44) - (0) 1253 - 343081 ; Fax 408058; E-mail: