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Metalor One Kilogram Silver Bar
Metalor One Kilogram Silver Bar

Silver Investment

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Argorsa 50 Gram Silver Bar
APMEX One Ounce Silver Bar

Silver Bars

We stock silver bars in a variety of sizes. Click here to view our wide selection of silver bars on our new website.

Silver Availability

5,000 Grams - Five Kilos
3,110 Grams - One Hundred Ounces
1,000 Grams - One Kilo
500 Grams - Half Kilo
10 Ounce - 311 Grams
250 Grams - Quarter Kilo
100 Grams
50 Grams
31.1035 Grams - One Troy Ounce
20 Grams
10 Grams
5 Grams

Weights of Silver Bars

The most common size of silver bars we stock are one kilo, however we frequently stock bars from 1 gram upwards.

New Silver Bars

In the UK, new silver bullion bars are subject to VAT, which remove much of their investment potential. The production cost of silver bars is also relatively high when compared to gold bars.

Second-Hand Silver Bars

We occasionally stock second hand silver bars, which are sold on "special scheme". This means that instead of paying 20% VAT on the full price, you only pay VAT on the premium. These are very attractive to investors and we usually sell our second hand bars as soon as we get them into stock.

Silver Bar Purity

Investment silver bars are invariably .999 silver, which means 999 parts per thousand pure.

Silver Bars & Coins.

We do sometimes have a small selection of special 1 ounce bars, minted with different commemorative themes.

Live Spot Silver Prices

Gold Silver Ratio

Silver Bullion Coins

We list a variety of silver bullion coins on our Silver Bullion Coins page.
We sell these by type and by date. On most of them, we also offer lower prices for bulk buyers. Because there is VAT on silver coins in the UK and EU, silver bullion coins are not as attractive an investment as gold bullion coins, which are now exempt from VAT.

Silver Medallions at Bullion Prices
We offer a number of sets of silver medallions at bullion silver prices.
Please check our Medallions section.

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Silver Britannias
Silver Bullion Coins

Gold Britannia Bullion Coins
For more information about Gold Britannia bullion coins of all four sizes, and information about tax free gold, please visit out newest web site Tax Free Gold

If you want to find the value of a coin you own, please take a look at our page I've Found An Old Coin, What's It Worth?

If you have an enquiry about any of our Silver Coins, we'd be happy to answer you, but please note it may be quicker to telephone us. Please see the Contact Us page of our website. the Lowest Possible Price

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