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Roman Historical Notes
Soaemias Obv
Silver Denarius of Julia Soaemias, Obverse

Soaemias Rev
Silver Denarius of Julia Soaemias, Reverse

Julia Soaemias 180 - 222 A.D. (Her lifetime)

Julia Soaemias was the mother of Elagabalus (AKA Bassianus) and for the most part, defacto ruler of Rome during her son's reign. She conspired with her own powerful mother, the formidable Julia Maesa, to overthrow Macrinus and put Elagabalus on the Imperial Throne. Julia Soaemias and son soon made themselves extremely unpopular however, in large part due to Elagabalus' religious policies and sexual deviancy, which many upright Romans considered to be blasphemous and disturbing respectively. Eventually, the army defected to Julia Soeamias' nephew, Alexander, and an angry mob stormed the palace and brutally lynched Soeamias and her son, before dumping their mutilated corpses into the Tiber.

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Roman Historical Notes
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