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Octagonal Hiddenite
Octagonal Hiddenite - Grass Green Variety of Spodumene


Spodumene has been known as a mineral for hundreds af years, but gem quality crystals were only discovered in about 1877. According to Webster's Gems, its name is derived from Greek meaning "burnt to ashes" because of appearance of the non-gem material.

Colours & Varieties
Spodumene occurs in a range of colours, yellow, grass green similar to emeralds, yellowish-green, lilac pink and light blue. The emerald green variety is known as hiddenite, the lilac coloured material is known as kunzite.

Technical Information
Chemical Composition and NameLithium Aluminium Silicate LiAl(SiO3)2
Refractive Index1.660 - 1.675 to 1.664 - 1.679
Optic SignPositive
Optical CharacterBiaxial
Specific Gravity3.17 - 3.23 the Lowest Possible Price

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