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Julia Soaemias

Julia Soaemias
Pax Aeterna

AD 275-276.
Tacitus was one of the many short-lived emperors of the 3rd Century A.D. reigning for no more than 10 months. He was proclaimed emperor by the Senate 6 months after the assassination of Aurelian. His most lasting achievement is perhaps his promotion of the histories of his namesake, the famous historian Tacitus, from whom he claimed descent, which contributed to the survival of much of his work down to the present day.
He won a great victory against the barbarian tribes, for which he was accorded the title “Gothicus Maximus”. There is some disagreement as to his cause of death. Some sources, including the Historia Augusta, maintain that he died of a fever whilst out on campaign, whilst others, such as the Byzantine historian Zozimus claim that he was assassinated by elements related to the murderers of Aurelian.

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