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For Release 9:00 AM
March 4th, 1999

Seventy members of the Poulton-le-Fylde Life Long Learning Group turned out to listen to a talk about jewellery by Lawrence Chard.

70 members of Poulton's LLL group heard speaker Lawrence Chard, a local jewellery designer and coin dealer, give a talk about jewellery.
"It's the third time in five years that Poulton LLL have had one of my talks. Either they can't get speakers or else they enjoy the talks as much as I enjoy giving them," said Lawrence. "Instead of delivering an hour-long monologue, I usually talk for five minutes, and then ask for questions. It's a format which seems to go down well, different groups ask different sorts of questions, I let my audiences know that I'm not afraid to discuss any aspect of the jewellery business. The question and answer session was very lively, and after an hour, there were still questions coming thick and fast. We almost got thrown out by the caretaker".

The talk started quietly with Lawrence explaining the recent major changes to British hallmarking laws, which were introduced on January 1st this year, followed by news about Moissanite, a new diamond simulant that is very difficult to tell apart from the real thing.
Many quite technical questions followed about gold, precious metals, alloys, rolled gold, gold and rhodium plating, white, red and pink golds, diamond simulants, nickel content, allergies to jewellery, and more. Silver content of coins, particularly florins, was discussed. At one point, Lawrence reversed the tables by asking members how many metallic elements, and which, were not silver coloured, and what date Britain's first decimal coin was issued for circulation. One member ruled him out of order because "the quiz isn't until next week!"
The photograph was taken using a digital camera, uploaded to a computer, and Lawrence explained briefly how the picture, and news of the meeting could potentially be viewed on the other side of the world within a few minutes. "Chard not only have their own website featuring coins and jewellery, but today we started a second site which will concentrate on 18 carat gold jewellery, our original site will eventually be devoted solely to coins," said Lawrence.

Chard's website can be seen at:

The LLL generously gave Mr. Chard a cheque made out to the NSPCC.

Pictured are (L to R) Mrs. Betty Brereton, Secretary and Acting Chairman., Lawrence Chard, Mrs. Rita Vickers, Speakers Secretary. the Lowest Possible Price

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