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We Buy Diamond Rings
We Buy Diamond Rings
Jewellery Channel TV & Diamond Rings
TV Shopping Channels
If you have bought a diamond ring, or other piece of jewellery from Gems TV, Bid Up TV, The Jewellery Channel, Price Drop, QVC, or other television jewellery sales channel, please do not send it to us in the expectation of making a profit on it. Some of the television jewellery vendors seem to market their goods by quoting a totally unrealistic and misleading guide price or valuation price, and then offering the item for sale at a fraction of that price. In our experience, the jewellery sold on these channels is sold at prices which range from reasonable, and slightly lower than normal retail prices, to ridiculously overpriced to the point of being a "rip-off". It never ceases to amaze us that some people think they can buy a "bargain" from a TV programme or other source, and sell it for a profit the next day to a dealer. Do they not think that the TV channels would sell their goods direct to us and other dealers in the first place, or that we would be bidding on the TV items ourselves, if they were such bargains? If we were trying to be kind to such people, we would say they are over-optimistic and misinformed, but if we were asked to be blunt, we would have to say that they are being greedy and stupid. For most goods bought from a TV jewellery channel, you should not expect to be able to sell them for more than about a quarter of their actual purchase price, not the fictional guide price.

Our Experience
Week after week, we are now being offered diamond rings, sapphire bracelets, rubies, emeralds, alexandrites, and other jewellery which people have bought through various jewellery shopping channels on television. In some cases, people have bought them because they fancied them, and have subsequently gone off them, but in many cases, they have received them as gifts, and the givers have often told them the totally crazy "valuation" prices on them, and the recipients appear to actually believe the values. In yet other cases, we have been offered jewellery which has only just arrived in the post, and the customers are naively expecting to resell it for instant profits.
Some time ago, we were consulted by a Lancashire woman who had just bought a diamond ring from a TV company. We cannot now remember the exact details, but they had quoted a guide price as something like £10,000; but you could "buy it now" for £1,000; she seriously thought she could make a quick £1,500 selling it to us. When we looked at the quality of the diamond, we would not have bought it unless we could have been able to sell it for about £300 to £400. We advised her to get her money back as quickly as possible, and perhaps contact the Trading Standards Office. She did both, and we noticed that a few months after, the TV channel was fined a six-figure amount, and closed down.

Buy It Only If You Love It
This is probably a good place to repeat the advice we give in numerous other places on our website. Buy jewellery if you like it, and have will get great pleasure out of wearing it or giving it. Do not buy it primarily because it appears to be a bargain, or as an investment.

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