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Obverse of The Twelve Adventures of Tintin Gold Medallions
Obverse of The Twelve Adventures of Tintin Gold Medallions

The Twelve Adventures of Tintin Land of the Soviets
Reverse of The Twelve Adventures of Tintin Land of the Soviets

The Twelve Adventures of Tintin Explorers on the Moon
The Twelve Adventures of Tintin Explorers on the Moon

The Twelve Adventures of Tintin Tintin in America
The Twelve Adventures of Tintin Tintin in America

The Adventures of Tintin
Probably the most famous Belgians of all time (aside, of course, from Hercule Poirot) is Tintin and his creator Hergé. Hergé was the pen name of Georges Remi who was a comic writer and artist. His most famous works are The Adventures of Tintin which he wrote and illustrated from 1929, until his death in 1983.

The series of comic strips first appeared in French in the children's supplement to the Belgian newspaper Le Vingtième Siècle. Tintin is the hero of the series and as a young Belgian reporter is seen embarking on many adventures around the world with his equally famous dog, Snowy. Tintin's name in Dutch (or Flemish) is Kuifje.

An Everyman Character
As an investigative journalist, Tintin's escapades generally result in him getting caught up in some misfortune and then him saving the day with some heroic action. Tintin is seen as an "everyman" with no specific attitudes. He is sometimes labelled bland, neutral and sometimes described as well-rounded "boy scout" who provides a contrast to the evil world around him. His support cast is considered infinitely more colourful and interesting than he is and each has been cited as having an individual strength of character and a specific personality, which Hergé used as a means of creating a realistic world around his central character. Later in the series, popular additional characters were added including the Thomson Twins (no! not the group from the 1980's!!), Captain Haddock and Professor Calculus.

Adventures in a Foreign Land
His adventures are set in contemporaneous settings i.e. World War II, Bolshevik Russia and in China. His destinations have ranged from Scotland and England to Nepal, Tibet and the USA. Hergé also created fictional lands for his characters which some theorists believe represent actual countries which he had to alter the names of due to political and sociological constraints and pressures. Tintin has also been seen on the moon!

The comic strip series has been made into albums, films, theatre and a series of television "shorts" and the stories remain very popular. There is currently speculation over when the film versions of the stories will be made by Steven Spielberg's Dreamworks and the director of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Peter Jackson. All indications suggest that Spielberg will indeed direct the first film at least.

Twelve Gold Medallion Boxed Set
Tintin's image has been used to sell a variety of merchandise, but one of the more interesting and attractive items are coins and medallions. Here at Chard we are delighted to possess lovely sets of 12 gold medallions, with each medallion depicting an aspect of the stories.

Each one displays the same obverse; Tintin and Snowy (holding a bone in his mouth), and each reverse depicts a different image relating to 12 of the Tintin stories:

Tintin in the Congo
Tintin in America
The Temple of the Sun
Explorers on the Moon
The Blue Lotus
The Broken Ear
The Black Island
Land of Black Gold
Tintin in Tibet
The Shooting Star
Tintin in the Land of the Soviets
King Ottokar's Sceptre

Diameter31 mms
Weight Each17 grams
Individual Actual Gold Weight 12.75g / 0.409 troy oz
Total Weight204 grams
Total Actual Gold Weight 153g / 4.92 troy oz
Alloy0.750 = 18ct

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