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We Are Sorry, We Have Withdrawn This Page.
Although we firmly believe that the information it contained was accurate, honest, and in the public interest, the company involved, who have got about 4000 times our money threatened us with heavy and expensive legal action for defamation and trade mark infringements, that we chickened out.
They changed the names of the shops, they changed the name of the company. they do not want you to remember, and they don't want us to remind you!

We Are So Sorry That We Chickened Out
We believe that a well informed consumer, in possession of accurate information is more likely to make a better choice when it comes to making an expensive jewellery purchase. Most of the time that means they would be more likely to buy from us.
We feel we have let down all those honest, hard-working people out there who deserve to know the truth and get a fair deal. The sad fact is that we just could not afford to play for the high stakes which would have been necessary to even get our case to court. The big money battalions won again. We tried our best, we are sorry we let you down. the Lowest Possible Price

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