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Obverse of 112 Tetradrachm of Trajan
Obverse of 112 Tetradrachm of Trajan
Reverse of 112 Tetradrachm of Trajan
Reverse of 112 Tetradrachm of Trajan
Portrait of Trajan on Gold Aureus
Reverse of Gold Aureus
Marcus Ulpius Nerva Traianus
18th September 53 - 9th August 117 AD
Reigned 98 - 117 AD

The greek-speaking territories of the Roman Empire generally used the greek currency system, rather than the Roman one. Greek coins were therefore minted in the Emperor's name using the greek, rather than the latin alphabet.

One of the Greats
Trajan was born at Italica in Andalucia, Spain, to a noble and accomplished family the Ulpii. He held numerous military posts, serving under Domitian. He was appointed by Nerva as Governor of Upper Germany, and adopted by Nerva as his heir. He received the news of his adoption by Hadrian, who he in turn named as his heir. On his succession, Trajan became the first non-Roman emperor. He expanded the empire by first annexing Dacia, and the famous monument Trajan's Column still stands in Rome today to celebrate this event. He also added new provinces in Armenia and Mesopotamia.

Building Success
In addition to his martial successes, he carried out much building work in Rome, and repaired many structures throughout the empire. While campaigning in the east, a number of revolts broke out, and he withdrew to Antioch. While attempting to return to Rome to deal with the problems, he became ill, and died of dropsy at Selinus in Cilicia.
He is remembered as one of the "five good emperors", which makes one think how the hundred or so others should be remembered.

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