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2008 First Type Twenty Pence
2008 First Type Twenty Pence
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Second Type Twenty Pence
2008 Second Type Twenty Pence
Twenty Pence Index

2008 Undated Mule Type Twenty Pence
2008 Undated Mule Type Twenty Pence
Undated Twenty Pence Mule Coins - Buy / Sell Advice
We are receiving hundreds of phone calls about the (2008) undated error mule 20p coins, asking what they are worth and other questions. We give some advice about buying & selling.

How Much Are the Mules Worth?
The simplest and most accurate answer to this question is "As much as somebody is prepared to pay you for it".
This may at first sight appear to be an over-simplistic reply, but it is actually the only concise and accurate answer to the question. We will give a short time-line first:

Our Advice To Owners / Sellers

Our Advice To Buyers / Collectors / Investors

Update - December 2013
The 2013 edition of Spink values these coins at £100. We would currently be happy to pay £20 for one in a reasonable condition and £50 for a minty one.

Other Points to Note
The "rare" mule error coins are undated on both sides.
If there is a date on either side, it is one of the normal, common types, and only worth 20 pence.

  • Undated Twenty Pence (20p) Coins Error Mule Worth 50?
    No, it's only bullshit, but all the UK media fell for it!

    Other Recent Mules

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    There are many press reports about 20p coins worth 7,000 or 700 or 50; many based on purported sales on eBay...
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    Our Original London Mint Office Page

    Please, if you are going to ask us whether the 20p or £2 coin you own is worth £50, please, please, please read our other pages about them first, and even then the answer is almost certainly no.

    Two Pound Necklet Rumour
    About 1,000 people every week read one or more of our pages about £2 coins. Hopefully most manage to find what they wanted. A tiny percentage, but still about 20 per week ask us whether a £2 they have found in change / in a drawer / been given is worth more than £2. The answer to 99% of these questions is already on our site. We do not have the time or patience to answer such questions individually when we have already provided detailed answers.

    Buying Coins
    We also buy coins, please see our We Buy Coins page. the Lowest Possible Price

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