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2008 First Type Twenty Pence
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2008 Undated Mule Type Twenty Pence
Urgent Health Warning - Undated Twenty Pence Mule Coins

Do not touch any 20 pence coins!
At least not until you have read this page.
It is possible that a terrorist organisation, possibly Al Qaeda have somehow infiltrated the Royal Mint, and contaminated their entire production of twenty pence coins with some kind of virus or nerve agent.

If touched by human hand, this can induce a state of hysteria in susceptible individuals.
Symptoms of this dangerous outbreak and therefore signs to watch out for include, but are not limited to the following:-

More worrying symptoms include:
If the disease continues to grow at its current rate, it may infect over half the UK population within days.
Financial experts are bracing themselves for a bubble like the dotcom or housing market of recent years, with many speculative buyers buying on credit, there may be widespread panic when prices reach their peak and start to decline. Many thousands of people are in danger of losing fortunes, their homes, jobs, and even their lives if the current wave of midsummer madness continues unabated.
Government experts believe this is no cure for the condition. Others say that the problem lies with the poor state of the education system, with many of the afflicted only learning the hard way when it is too late.
Richard Dawkins is believe to be sponsoring summer camps for children to encourage them to think logically for themselves, and to avoid being brainwashed by a small number of competing organisations with world-wide influence often under the cunning guise of religion.

Gordon Brown is expected to launch a public enquiry into the affair, but its meetings may need to may be held in private to protect national security.
We were unable to get any Government minister to comment on these reports.

Our advice for the present is to avoid handling coins if at all possible, particularly twenty pences, and use protective gloves if it is necessary to handle as part of your job. You should always wash your hands after handling coins.
It is also advisable to stay alert, keep a cool head. If you feel any sensation of overheating, take a cold shower, and sit quietly in a cool, well ventilated room.
If you are aware of any old people who may be affected, try to check up on them to ensure they remain safe.
We will post further news bulletins as this strange situation develops.

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