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D Flawless 5.13 Carat Diamond
5.13ct D Flawless Diamond
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Unmounted Diamonds For Serious Diamond Buyers
We are pleased to offer a small selection of loose - unmounted - diamonds.
Most of the diamonds which we list are of particularly high quality, and will be accompanied by a grading certificate from an independent gemmological laboratory.

Unmounted Diamonds - Lower Prices
By buying a diamond loose, you can pay much lower prices than buying it ready made into a ring, especially compared with buying in High Street jewellers. We can also supply a ring mount of your own choice and design, or you can have your diamond mounted by your own favourite jeweller.

Certificated Diamonds - Know What You Are Buying
When you buy a diamond ring from most jewellers, how do you know what quality of diamond you are getting, or even if its weight is correct? When you buy a diamond which has been graded and certified by an independent laboratory, you can be reasonably sure about the quality you are getting.

Judging Diamond Quality is an Expert Job
Whether or not you have read our pages about the 4C's and more of diamond quality, if you have ever thought about spending an amount of money on a diamond, you will know how difficult it is to compare quality. When you buy a certificated stone, much of this hard work has already been done for you.

Why Isn't Every Diamond Certificated?
Diamond grading laboratories charge fees for their work, so its only worth paying for larger or better diamonds to be certificated. The extra cost needs to be weighed against the fact that the diamond should be easier to sell. Also many customers prefer to see a complete ring rather than a selection of loose diamonds. There is however a far more practical reason why most jewellers are reluctant to get involved in promoting graded diamonds, they need to protect their profits margins, and certificated diamonds would make it easier to shop around.

Easier to Comparison Shop
We welcome comparison shopping because we don't have the high overheads of High Street retail shops, and our prices can be much lower and more competitive than traditional jewellery retailers.

Ideal for Solitaires
Buying unmounted certificated diamonds is a good way to buy an important diamond for a solitaire ring or pendant, but it's not quite so easy when it comes down to finding a pair of diamonds for ear-rings, or a number of matching stones for a cluster or eternity ring.

Matching Diamonds - Buying Two or More Diamonds
If you need to buy a number of matching stones, any quantity from two upwards, it is not quite as simple as shopping round for a single diamond. It now becomes quite important to ensure that the dimensions of the stones match, and that they match in other respects such as colour, clarity and cut. Two diamonds which have the same grade on paper may not match each other in real life. In this case it may be best to revert to buying your ring complete, perhaps having it made for you by special order to your own requirements. There is then nothing to stop you having the stones graded before they are set, to ensure that you are getting what you pay for. This approach would be worth using if the piece of jewellery you wanted was of particularly high quality or used particularly large diamonds. Obviously we can help you with this project as we are experienced at dealing in diamonds both loose and ready mounted into rings.

As we are now able to supply many different shapes and sizes we have split our certificated stones into round brilliant and other cuts. The round brilliant stones are shown in the table below and all other cuts are shown on their own page, fancy shaped certificated diamonds.

WeightShape (Cut)ColourClarityCertPrice £Price $
0.23Round BrilliantFSI 1IGI£325$Ask
0.25Round BrilliantEVS 2IGI£470$Ask
0.26Round BrilliantHSI 1IGI£325$Ask
0.28Round BrilliantGSI 1IGI£376$Ask
0.30Round BrilliantEVS 1GIA£762$Ask
0.32Round BrilliantDSI 1GIA£614$Ask
0.32Round BrilliantFSI 1GIA£559$Ask
0.40Round BrilliantDVS 1GIA£1,187$Ask
0.40Round BrilliantISI 1IGI£639$Ask
0.41Round BrilliantGVS 2GIA£899$Ask
0.49Round BrilliantHSI 2IGI£829$Ask
0.50Round BrilliantDSI 1GIA£1,528$Ask
0.50Round BrilliantFVVS 2GIA£2,095$Ask
0.50Round BrilliantGVS 1GIA£1,703$Ask
0.52Round BrilliantGVS 2IGI£1,780$Ask
0.54Round BrilliantGVS 2IGI£1,676$Ask
0.55Round BrilliantGVS 2IGI£1,758$Ask
0.55Round BrilliantGSI 2GIA£1,104$Ask
0.58Round BrilliantHVS 1IGI£1,799$Ask
0.64Round BrilliantGSI 1GIA£1,870$Ask
0.70Round BrilliantDVS 2IGI£3,300$Ask
0.71Round BrilliantGVVS 1GIA£3,671$Ask
0.71Round BrilliantHVVS 1GIA£3,037$Ask
0.74Round BrilliantGVS 2GIA£1,799$Ask
0.75Round BrilliantEVS 2GIA£3,338$Ask
0.79Round BrilliantHSI 1IGI£2,742$Ask
0.90Round BrilliantJVS 2GIA£3.384$Ask
0.95Round BrilliantDVS 2GIA£5,389$Ask
1.00Round BrilliantDSI 1IGI£6,580$Ask
1.00Round BrilliantGSI 1HRD£4,912$Ask
1.00Round BrilliantGVS 2IGI£6,284$Ask
1.00Round BrilliantHSI 1GIA£5,741$Ask
1.01Round BrilliantDIFIGI£17,675$Ask
1.01Round BrilliantHSI 2GIA£4,747$Ask
1.05Round BrilliantGSI 2HRD£4,818$Ask
1.05Round BrilliantJP 2IGI£2,009$Ask
1.10Round BrilliantLSI 1IGI£4,136$Ask
1.32Round BrilliantGVS 2IGI£8,934$Ask
1.50Round BrilliantFSI 2IGI£10,575$Ask
1.52Round BrilliantISI 2GIA£9,144$Ask
2.00Round BrilliantFSI 1GIA£12,892$Ask
2.01Round BrilliantGSI 1IGI£23,485$Ask
2.50Round BrilliantHVS 2HRD£33,100$Ask
3.01Round BrilliantIVS 2HRD£37,794$Ask
5.13Round BrilliantDIFAsk£Ask$Ask

Key to Table
Weight = Weight in carats.
Shape = Shape and cut.
Colour = Colour, usually on GIA scale.
Clarity = Clarity, usually on GIA scale.
Cert = Laboratory issuing the certificate.
Price = Total price in £ pounds sterling, including VAT.

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For other unmounted gemstones, please see our Unmounted Gemstones page.

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