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Roman Historical Notes
Vaballathus Antoninianus Obv
Obverse of Vaballathus Antoninianus

Vaballathus Antoninianus Rev
Reverse of Vaballathus Antoninianus

Vaballathus 267 - 273

Vaballathus was the son of Odaenethus and Zenobia. He came to the throne of the breakaway Palmyrene Empire in 267, when his father Odaenethus was assassinated. Although he was made king, his mother Zenobia wielded power in his name.

Reconquest of Palmyria
When the Emperor Aurelian became emperor in 270, the two Emperors recognised each other's legitimacy, and this is reflected in the coin featured here, with a portrait of Aurelian present on the reverse. However, once Aurelian had finished conquering the Gallic Empire in the Northwest, he turned his attention to Palmyria, and after a short campaign, reunited the Roman Empire and captured Vaballathus and his mother. Vaballathus apparently died on the journey back to Rome. His mother Zenobia was however, later released and allowed to retire to a villa outside the capital.

As with most Palmyrian coins, this coin is very scarce.

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Billon Antoninianus (Vallaballus/Aurelian) 3.8gVF/gF (weak strike on reverse)£75$AskYes

Roman Historical Notes
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