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Portrait of Valerian II on a Silver Antoninianus
Portrait of Valerian II on a Silver Antoninianus
Infant Jove Riding Amalthaean Goat
Infant Jove Riding Amalthaean Goat
Valerian II
Publius Cornelius Licinius Valerianus
AD 253 - 255
There was in the past considerable confusion about Valerian II. Earlier sources such as Stevenson (Dictionary of Roman Coins) states that he was the son of Valerian I, and the half-brother of Gallienus, and also states that many coins of the two Valerians were previously wrongly allocated.
Modern opinion is that Valerian II was the son of Gallienus and Salonina, was given the rank of Caesar at the time of his father's accession in 253, and died about two years later. Earlier opinion puts his death at Milan in 268 with his father.

Featured Coin
We show an antoninianus with the radiate head of Valerian facing right, and the legend VALERIANUS CAES.
The reverse shows an infant Jove riding the Amalthaean goat right, with the legend IOVI CRESCENTI.
We know of no accurate source for his year of birth, but he was know to be still quite young when he died, probably still in his teens. The explanation of the reverse type of our featured coin is that the young Valerian would grow up to be as powerful as Jove.

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