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Portrait of Vespasian on Silver Denarius
Portrait of Vespasian on Silver Denarius

Pax Seated on Reverse of Vespasian Silver Denarius
Pax Seated on Reverse of Vespasian Silver Denarius

9 - 79 AD. Reigned 69 - 79 AD
Titus Flavius Vespasianus
As you may be able to guess from his portrait, Vespasian's rise to power was not for his good looks, he looks more like a heavyweight boxer. This is a good clue because it was his military skills which caused his elevation. Under Claudius he served in Germany and that well-known trouble spot, the Isle of Wight. Under Nero he was made proconsul of Africa, but in 66 he was sent east because the Jews were revolting. Some of his coins show Judea as a captive. He continued the Jewish War during the struggles between Galba, Otho and Vitellius. On the death of Otho in 69, he was proclaimed emperor at Alexandria in Judaea, and subsequently in 70 on the death of Vitellius, also at Rome.
He appears to have been a capable ruler, and repaired much of the damage caused by the civil wars which had preceeded his reign. He died in 79 AD at the ripe old age, considering his occupation, of 69.
He left two sons, Titus and Domitian, who each succeeded him in turn.

Featured Coin
The coin we feature is a silver denarius with his laureate head facing right. the obverse inscription, although the first part is not visible on our coin, is IMP CAESAR VESPASIANUS AUG.
The reverse shows a seated figure of Pax facing left holding a branch and a caduceus, with the legend COS ITER TR POT. 'ITER' means again indicating that he was consul for a second time enabling us to date this coin to the year 70 AD.

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