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We Buy Diamond Rings
Diamond Rings Wanted
We are always keen to buy high quality diamond rings and other jewellery, paying fair and competitive prices.
Some jewellers, pawnbrokers and other buyers are only interested in buying as cheaply as possible. Others are reluctant to buy high priced goods because they are afraid of being stuck with them, especially if the pieces are unusual or outside the range of goods they normally stock.
Naturally, we cannot pay double or treble the price, but often we find that we can, and do, pay 10% to 20% more than our competitors.
Nowadays, most of the High Street multiple retail jewellers are not interested in re-purchasing jewellery or buying any second-hand jewellery, partly because it would require at least one of their staff members to have some real expertise, but also because it might alert some of their customers to the huge retail markups. That's when it pays to come to a real jeweller like ourselves, rather than a shopkeeper who happens to sell jewellery!

Free Valuations
One thing we avoid is giving free valuations, otherwise all our time would be taken up providing free valuations, and we would not be able to give a good service to our valued customers, or have the time to create new ring designs, or to produce the beautiful diamond rings for which we are famous.
Because of this, we will always ask you to tell us what you already know.
If you do need a probate or disposal valuation, we will be happy to provide this for a reasonable fee.

Help Us To Help You
You, as the owner of the jewellery start off with the advantage that initially you know far more about your jewellery than we do. It is not our practice to take a ten second glance at your jewellery and value it instantly. We try to take a thorough and professional approach to appraisals, and this requires time, careful measurement and examination. For some items, we may not be the best buyer, and we will be quite happy to tell you if we think this is the case. We tend to be a better buyer for better quality jewellery, and not as keen to buy lower quality goods, although we do also buy scrap gold and precious metals.
From long experience, we believe that the more information you can share with us initially, the quicker we can arrive at an opinion, and the more time we can spend helping you to achieve your objectives.

Value of Diamond Rings
We strongly recommend that you read this page before trying to sell your diamond ring, or sending it to us.

Selling Diamond Rings
You may also find this page helpful and informative.

What To Do Next
If you would like to send your jewellery to us, we will happily make you an offer. We would ask you to send it to us, along with all the information you have and a covering letter explaining how much you would like to get for the piece(s) and a cheque for £10. Please ensure you include your contact details, especially your telephone number as we find it a lot quicker and easier to telephone you with an offer rather than spend time writing to you! If you accept our offer we will return your £10 cheque along with a cheque for your jewellery. If you decline our offer we will use the £10 cheque to cover our costs and the cost of insured return postage.

Our Buying Terms
Please read our buying terms prior to sending your goods to us.

TV Shopping Channels
If you have bought a diamond ring, or other piece of jewellery from Gems TV, Bid Up TV, The Jewellery Channel, Price Drop, QVC, or other television jewellery sales channel, please do not send it to us in the expectation of making a profit on it. Some of the television jewellery vendors seem to market their goods by quoting a totally unrealistic and misleading guide price or valuation price, and then offering the item for sale at a fraction of that price. In our experience, the jewellery sold on these channels is sold at prices which range from reasonable, and slightly lower than normal retail prices, to ridiculously overpriced to the point of being a "rip-off". It never ceases to amaze us that some people think they can buy a "bargain" from a TV programme or other source, and sell it for a profit the next day to a dealer. Do they not think that the TV channels would sell their goods direct to us and other dealers in the first place, or that we would be bidding on the TV items ourselves, if they were such bargains? If we were trying to be kind to such people, we would say they are over-optimistic and misinformed, but if we were asked to be blunt, we would have to say that they are being greedy and stupid. For most goods bought from a TV jewellery channel, you should not expect to be able to sell them for more than about a quarter of their actual purchase price, not the fictional guide price.

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