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Of course, we hope none of this puts you off!

Actually, we included these pictures, because they're some of our favourites. Rather than show you some pretentious pictures of us shaking hands with the Queen or the Pope, to impress you, we would rather you know that we are human. Lawrence Chard

From an early age Lawrence Chard helped out in the family business, which was in a Blackpool penny arcade. Work was fun. Other jobs, even before this age included selling cold drinks at the family's tea cart on Blackpool's famous golden mile, actually on the beach except at high tide.
Lawrence aged 16 after a solo cycling tour of Europe. He is often asked was it wise to do a solo trip at that age. "It started as the idea of a classmate, grew to about a dozen, one by one they dropped out until there were only the two of us. Then the original guy dropped out. When I decide to do something, I like to see it through, so there was no question of not going. It was a fabulous experience that I have never had time to repeat."
Getting an all over suntan in the clean fresh mountain air sure takes some beating. If you still want to buy a diamond ring from a guy this crazy, well just go ahead, don't let us stop you.

"Our webmaster seems to have taken a liberty with the pixel editor. I was wearing swimming trunks." LC

Juliana Juliana Sapphire Chard
Has just received news of her GCSE grades:
4 Grade A's, in Physics, Maths, Chemistry, Geography
3 Grade B's in Spanish French Biology
2 Grade C's in English Language, English Literature

Jane Jane Chard, A.L.A.
Patiently waiting for the fitness fanatic to get home, "These guys sure don't need Viagra".

...and personal

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