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Obverse of Windsor Castle Gold Ingot
Obverse of Windsor Castle Gold Ingot

Pair of Gold & Silver of 1972 Windsor Castle Ingots in Box
Pair of Gold & Silver Windsor Castle Ingots in Box

Obverse of 1972 Windsor Castle Silver Ingot
Obverse of 1972 Windsor Castle Silver Ingot

1972 Windsor Castle 900th Anniversary Ingotlion
One of no more than 10 issued, this impressive ingot medallion was issued as part of a "Royal Residences" series, and shows the front elevation of Windsor Castle.
There is a matching sterling silver ingot, and we are offering the pair complete in box.

A view and front elevation of Windsor Castle with the inscription below:
Windsor Castle

The reverse is plain.

One edge is hallmarked, with the sponsor's mark "SI", crown and leopard's head (London Assay Office), 22, and the date letter "S".

Technical Specifications
1972 Windsor Castle Medallion, Gold51.7328.637.0166.5.916 (22)4.9070
1972 Windsor Castle Medallion, Silver51.7328.637.0100.6.9252.9918

Diameter = Diameter in millimetres.
Weight = Gross weight in grams.
Fineness = Alloy = millesimal fineness, and carats.
AMW = Gold or Silver Content = Fine precious metal content in troy ounces.

Alloy = millesimal fineness, and carats.
Fine gold content = troy ounces.

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Windsor Castle Ingot in 22 Carat Gold Yes£Ask$Ask
Windsor Castle Ingot in Sterling Silver Ask£Ask$Ask
Pair of Windsor Castle Ingots, As AboveS.S.10Yes£Ask$Ask

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