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World Coin Photograph Gallery
World Coin Photograph Gallery
Coin photos for countries beginning with D

We present a picture gallery of world coins. The main purpose of this page is to encourage surfers to appreciate the wealth, diversity and beauty of different coins from around the world. If it also helps those with coins to identify, then we shall consider this as a bonus.
We also have a Coins by Country index page.

Denmark - Gold 20 Krone

Denmark's fierce Vikings made it a leading European nation from the ninth century. It ruled and for centuries united all of Scandinavia. It became a constitutional monarchy in 1849 and decimalised in 1874. We show a gold 20 kroner of King Christian X.
1876 Denmark 20 Kroner 1876 Denmark 20 Kroner
Dominican Republic - Gold 30 Pesos

Dominican Republic occupies the eastern end of Hispaniola, has been fully independent since 1866. We illustrate its first gold coins, issued in 1955.
1955 Dominican Republic 30 Pesos 1955 Dominican Republic 30 Pesos

Danish West Indies, Djibouti, and Dominica to Follow
We are still working on this section, and will be adding images of Danish West Indies, Djibouti, Dominica, & Dominican Republic coins later.

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