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1862 Penny Pennies Index

Obverse of 1862 Penny
Obverse of 1862 Penny

Reverse of 1862 Penny
Reverse of 1862 Penny

Obverse of 1862 Penny
Obverse of 1862 Penny - beaded border

Reverse of 1862 Penny
Reverse of 1862 Penny - beaded border

1862 Laureate Head Bronze Penny

Laureate head pennies were issued for Queen Victoria from 1860 to 1894 inclusive.
The obverse design is similar for all dates, a laureate and draped bust, with her hair in a "bun", facing left.

Colon Spacing
There are also varieties with different spacing between the lettering of the legend and the colons, and some with missing colons.

Laureate Head, Victoria facing left

The reverse features Britannia, seated left, holding a trident.
The legend reads:-

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1862Bun Head PennyAVFYes£Ask$Ask
1862Bun Head Penny - beaded border Yes£Ask$Ask

English Copper Tin and Bronze Coins in the British Museum 1558 - 1958, by C. Wilson Peck, F.S.A.
This is an excellent book, originally published in 1960, with a second revised edition published in 1964. Now out of print, but still very useful for copper coins of this period.

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