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Price and Availability

All prices on our websites are subject to fluctuation and availability.
We have around 15,000 pages on our websites, and many pages contain pricing for numerous different products. Many of our pages are updated manually. It is not currently possible for us to update price and availability for all products all the time, although we have introduced live pricing and updating to some of our pages and products, and intend to continue this roll-out as far as possible.
We try to ensure that all information shown is current, accurate and correct at the time of writing of updating, however we are human, and do make mistakes.
We suggest you contact us to check current pricing and availability before ordering. All orders are subject to our acceptance.

Prices - £, $, €

Many of the pages on our website are shown in up to three different currencies, pounds sterling (GBP), euros (EUR), and American (U.S.) dollars (USD).
This reflects the international nature of our business.

Other Countries

We do not have the space available on our pages to show rates in all world currencies, so if the currency for your country is not shown, this does not mean that we will not supply you, only that we don't have space to include it.

Fluctuations & Updates

Of course, it would also take us a lot of time to add prices in Canadian dollars, Swiss francs, Russian roubles, and other currencies. Additionally, we would need to keep a close watch on currency fluctuations, and we would end up spending more time adjusting prices in minor currencies, and less time running the important parts of our business. Most people in other countries are used to calculating exchange rates.

VAT - Value Added Tax

Where applicable, our sterling and euro prices include VAT while our US dollar prices, being export prices, do not include VAT. This means that to convert our prices to your own currency, you would be best to base your calculation on our US dollar prices.

Precious Metal Bullion Market Fluctuations

Many of the coins and other products we sell are made of precious metal including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Fluctuations in bullion market prices of these volatile commodities can cause any of our prices to change without notice. While we spend many hours, most days, updating and editing our websites, we deal in about ten times more product lines than Tesco or Walmart. This makes it very difficult, if not impossible, for us to keep all our prices perfectly up-to-date at all times.
If we were to work on high profit margins, then we would be able to absorb most price increases, but as our prices and margins are always quite competitive, this make it much harder for us to absorb price increases.

If In doubt Telephone Us For Current Pricing and Availability

If you are not certain about our current prices or availability, you can always telephone us during our normal opening hours. If you prefer, you can simply send us your order, and we will contact you if there is any difference. the Lowest Possible Price

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