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British Coins - Milled

As a British based coin dealer, one of our main specialities is British coins. As our main "Coins Index" page contains several links to several hundred pages, we have provided this page as a quick way to find most British coins. This index page is listed by denomination. Hammered coins are still listed separately until we have enough of them to necessitate re-organising our indexes again. See here for a brief summary on the history of coinage in Britain.

Please note that the following catalogue only lists a small proportion of our stock. Please contact us if you have an enquiry about a coin not mentioned here.

British Coins Index by Denomination

Traditional Coins
ValueNameAlternative Name
£5.5s.Five Guineas 
£5Five Pounds Gold 
£5Five Pounds(Since 1990) Crowns
£2.2sTwo Guineas 
£2Two Pounds 
£1One Pound 
10/6Half Guineas 
10/-Half Sovereigns 
7/-Third Guineas 
5/3Quarter Guineas 
5/-CrownsFive Shillings
4/-Double FlorinsFour Shillings
2/6HalfcrownsTwo (Shillings) and Six (pence)
2/-FlorinsTwo Shillings
3dThreepences Brass 
3dThreepences Silver 
1dThree Half Pennies 
  1/8dHalf Farthings 
  1/12dThird FarthingsBritish Grain or 'Grano'
1/16dQuarter Farthings 
Decimal Coins
£100 One Hundred Pounds
£50 Fifty Pounds
£20 Twenty Pounds
£2Two Pounds
£1One Pound
50pFifty Pence
25pTwenty Five Pence
20pTwenty Pence
10pTen Pence
5pFive Pence
2pTwo Pence
1pPennies - New
1/2pHalf Pence - New

Other British Coins & Sets
£2Silver Britannias
£2 Silver Royal Mint Lunar
  Silver Britannia Sets
  Coin Sets - British
  Silver Coin Sets
Various Hammered Coins - British
4d, 3d, 2d,1dMaundy Coins
  British Token Coinage
  Colonial British Trade dollars

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