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Reverse of 1994 D-Day Commemorative 50 Pence Silver Proof
Reverse of 1994 D-Day Commemorative 50 Pence Silver Proof

Scottish Lion Design on Reverse of 1994 Pound Coinb
Scottish Lion Design on Reverse of 1994 Pound Coin

Reverse of English 1994 Silver Proof £2 Coin
Reverse of English 1994 Silver Proof £2 Coin

1994 Silver Proof Three Coin Set in Presentation Box
1994 Silver Proof Three Coin Set in Presentation Box

1994 Silver Proof Three Coin Set

1994 Tercentenary of the Bank of England Two Pound Coin
To celebrate the 300th anniversary of the founding of the Bank of England, commemorative two pound coins were issued in 1994.
It is appropriate that the tercentenary of the Bank of England should be celebrated on the coinage, linking two great institutions both intimately connected with the nation's currency. The obverse of the new commemorative coin bears Raphael Maklouf's acclaimed portrait of the Queen while the new reverse design, created by Leslie Durbin, reflects the period in which the Bank was founded, bearing the Bank's original corporate seal, the crown and cypher of William and Mary and the words Bank of England in familiar script. The motto of William Paterson, "sic vos non vobis", "thus we labour but not for ourselves", forms the edge inscription.

The Third Portrait
The obverse (head side) is the third major portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, designed by Ralph David Maklouf, FRSA.
It came into use in 1985 and continued until 1997 inclusive, a total of thirteen years.

Reverse Designs
One of the first decisions of the Court of Directors in 1694 was the choice of Britannia "looking on a bank of mony" as the Bank's corporate seal. By that time she had assumed her place on the coinage, having graced halfpennies and farthings for more than twenty years and she has been depicted on the coinage of every monarch since Charles II. She was not forgotten at the time of decimalisation when she was chosen to appear on the reverse of the new fifty pence coin, and in gold Philip Nathan's Britannia stands proudly on the reverse of the highest denomination coins in the realm. So potent a symbol is she and so inextricably linked with the coinage, that she has appeared on every printed banknote issued by the Bank of England. It is entirely fitting, therefore, that in the same guise as she appeared on the Bank's corporate seal she should hold sway on the reverse of the new commemorative £2 coin struck for the Bank's tercentenary.

"As Safe As The Bank Of England"
As early as 1699 Irish writer, John Toland, described the Bank as "esteem'd so sacred a repository" that even overseas merchants thought their treasure safer there than in their own country. Physical security, however, remained relatively lax until an attack on the Bank during the Gordon Riots of 1789 prompted the Government to provide an overnight military guard known as the Bank Picquet. The Picquet was normally provided by the Brigade of Guards who, virtually every evening, would march from Wellington or Chelsea Barracks in full dress uniform. It was a tangible and highly visible recognition of the importance that was attached to protecting what one officer described in 1800 as the "grand Depot of National Treasure". The Picquet was abolished in 1973 and replaced by the Bank's own security system.

1994 Scottish Design One Pound Coin
It was decided that from 1984, British 1 coins would feature different reverse designs for each of the four parts of the United Kingdom. All 1 coins dated 1994 feature on the reverse the rampant lion as an emblem of Scotland.

The obverse bears the fourth portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, as have all UK coins since 1998.

A lion rampant, in a double tressure, above the value.

D-Day Commemorative Design Fifty Pence
In 1994, fifty pence coins were issued featuring a special design commemorating the 50th anniversary of D-Day. There were none of the "definitive" Britannia types issued in 1994.

Obverse - Third Portrait
All 1994 coins carried the third portrait obverse design by Ian Rank-Broadley.

The reverse design is by sculptor John Mills, who can remember 6th June 1944 "Planes of all kinds... were thundering overhead. Wave after wave of machines, all heading in one direction, towards where I knew the seaside to be, south." Of course, he was 50 years younger then, but the inspiration from the design comes partly through having been able to experience the events of the time.
The theme of the reverse depicts ships and planes taking part in the D-Day landings.

Technical Specifications
Fifty Pence22.5030Silver0.925 Silver0.4015
One Pound22.509.50Silver0.925 Silver0.2825
Two Pound28.4015.98Silver0.925 Silver0.4752
Complete Set 41.46Silver0.925 Silver1.1592

1994 Silver Proof Three Coin Set

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