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1996 australia three coin set, kook, koala, kangaroo in gold, silver and platinum... Presentation Case

1996 Perth Mint Three Coin Set - Gold, Silver and Platinum
Issued by the Perth Mint a three coin collection. The set includes a 1oz Silver Kookaburra, 1/20 oz Gold Nugget and a 1/20 oz Platinum Koala.
The three coins are secured in cork, housed in a wooden box.

Unfortunately we do not have the certificate.

Face ValueDescriptionDiameterWeightAlloyAMW
$1Silver 1oz Kookaburra4032.10350.9991.0000
$5Gold 1/20oz Nugget131.5550.99990.0500
$5Gold 1/20oz Koala141.5710.99950.0500

Notes to Table
Face Value = Denomination in Australian Dollars.
Weight = Standard weight in grams.
Diameter = Diameter in millimetres.
ASW = Actual Metal Weight.

Price and Availability
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