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Portrait of Claudius II Antoninanus
Portrait of Claudius II on Antoninanus
Reverse of Claudius II Antoninanus
Reverse of Claudius II Antoninanus
Claudius II 268-270

Claudius II succeeded to the imperial throne upon the murder of Gallienus in 268. The extent of his own involvement in the plot is unclear, although he did rescind an order by the Senate to slaughter Gallienus' family and supporters when they heard of his assassination.

Claudius II spent most of his reign at war against the secessionist pseudo-Roman Gallic Empire, founded by the late usurper Postumus, and against Barbarian tribes threatening the Roman Frontier. Soon after being raised to the purple, he led a Roman army to a crushing victory over the Goths at the Battle of Naissus, earning himself the title of 'Claudius Gothicus' (Conqueror of the Goths) as a result. He then won subsequent victories over the Alamanni, and restored Hispania and part of Gaul to the Empire, setting the stage for the final defeat and re-annexation of the Gallic Empire under his successor Aurelian in 274.

Claudius II died of the plague in 270 whilst on campaign against the Vandals, and was deified soon after by the Senate. Claudius' reign was largely a successful if somewhat brief one, and although it would still take years for the Empire to emerge from the political and economic crisis which had afflicted it since the assassination of Severus Alexander, Claudius' reign effectively laid the foundations for the restoration of the Roman Empire by his successors.

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