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List of Copyright Thieves
Many jewellers, coin & bullion dealers, use our high quality photographs in competition with us. These dealers are dishonest and should be avoided.

This links to our standard undertaking page. If you are a business please copy and paste this onto your headed paper. If you are an individual please put your name and address in the appropriate place.

  1. 4evergold (
  2. Black as Jet Talent Consulting Ltd ( of Wokingham, Berkshire
  3. Bullion Exchange, The (
  4. Engagements Ring (
  5. Fashion Penny (
  6. Fullfilth
  7. Sparkles - The Diamond Dealer ( ?
  8. Starlight Bands Etienne Perret ( of Camden, Maine, USA
  9. Portal Oro.Com Karim Alexander Preukschat (
  10. Only in U.S.A. Captain Bob's Sales Inc ( of Point Roberts, WA USA
  11. Chitawan Krishna Prasad Regmi of Antwerp, Belgium (
  12. Coins Dollars Andrew Morton Speedeenames (
  13. Silver Coin And (
  14. Specialist Auctions ( & (
  15. Kim Young Hyun on Epal (
  16. Boleyn House Silver Britannia's
  17. Cash 4 Silver Eagles (
  18. World of Coins of Voorthuizen, Netherlands (
  19. Ian Stewart's pages UK Pre-decimal Coins (

What's Wrong?
In each case, the website owner or dealer named has taken and used copies of our photographs.
In all case, we have invested substantial amounts of money in specialist equipment, cameras, lenses, lighting, and software. We have also invested much time, effort, skill, and experience in learning how to use the equipment to produce high quality photographs.

More Copyright Abuse & Image Theft
The dealers and websites named and shamed on this page are limited to those who have stolen our photographs of gold coins such as Krugerrands.
On our other websites we also name and shame those who steal our photographs of:

eBay Copyright Thieves

Antitrust Case Legal Case Against & Coin Grading Firms
eBay, the ANA, the PNG, and & Barry Suppler are being sued in federal court alleging anti-competitive conduct. the Lowest Possible Price

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