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1780 Dated Maria Theresa Silver Thaler Restrike
1780 Dated Maria Theresa Silver Thaler Restrike

Altered Coins
Britannia on British Coins - A Brief History
British Coin Denominations. What is a Groat, etc.
Buying (We Buy Coins)
Buying Coins on eBay
Cleaning Coins
Coin - Definition
Coin Auctions
Common Names of British Coins
Counterfeit Coins
Current British Coinage System
Diameter of Common World Coins
Engravers & Sculptors of British Coins
Euro Coins
Euros & The Eurozone Countries
Famous Coin Collectors
Foreign Coins in Bulk - Buying & Foreign Exchange
Fourth Portrait 1998 Onwards
Gold Sovereign Dates
Grading Coins For Condition
Identifying Coins - Some Practical Advice
In God We Trust
Investing in Coins
Inscriptions on British Coins
Inverted Coins
Investors in Time
I've Found an Old Coin. What's It Worth?
Legal Tender
The London Mint Office
Magnetic Pennies & Twopences
Mintage Figures & Issue Limits
Mintage Figures of UK Coins from 1968 Onwards
Mintmarks on British Coins
Monarchs Information - Dates
Next Year's Coins
Numismatic Terminology & Jargon
Photo Gallery of Current British Coins
Photo Gallery of World Coins
Portcullis on British Coins
Portraits of Kings and Queens on British Coins
Proof versus Uncirculated Coins - The Difference
Provenance Marks on British Coins
Price Comparisons - Ours versus a Competitor
Replicas, Reproductions, Copies and Fakes
Resale Values - Does The Royal Mint Overcharge?
Roman Emperors Portrait Gallery
Roses as Provenance Marks
Royal Mint
Royal Mint Deliveries - Comparison
Royal Mint Dubious Offers
Sell or Keep my Coins (Should I)
Selling Coins on eBay
Sending Coins by Post
Silver Content of British Coins
Silver Pennies Found in Change
Specifications of Current British Coins
Specifications of Current British Coins - Summary
Specifications of British Pre Decimal Coins
Specifications of Common World Coins by Diameter
Strange Spellings on eBay
Tarnish and Toning on Silver (and other) Coins
This Year's Coins - When Will They Be Available?
TV Jewellery Channels & Diamonds
Two Pound Coins - Necklet Rumour
Twopences - Rare 1983 Two New Pence Story
Two Pound Coin Values
Undated Twenty Pence (20p) Coins Error Mule Worth 50?
No, it's only bullshit, but all the UK media fell for it!
Undated Twenty Pence Mule Coins - Our Buy / Sell Advice
Urgent Health Warning - Undated Twenty Pence Mule Coins
Upside Down Heads on Coins
US States in Order
V Instead of U in Coin Inscriptions
Valuation or Offer to Buy?
Value Depends on Condition
Value of My Coin - What's an Old Coin Worth?
Welsh Dragon on Coins
Why Does an Old Coin Cost Less Than a New Coin?
World Coin Photo Gallery
World Coins - Who Has / Will Issue What Coins?
Worth Keeping Coins From Change?

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