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Henry VII on Groat
Henry VII on Groat

Charles II on Halfcrown
Charles II on Halfcrown

George II on Lima Crown
George II on Lima Crown

Elizabeth II on Five Pound Crown
Elizabeth II on Five Pound Crown

Information about British Monarchs
We present a table of dates for Kings & Queen's of England from 1066 to date, showing the year of their birth, and the years of their reign.

William I102710661087
William II105610871100
Henry I106811001135
Henry II113311541189
Richard I115711891199
Henry III120712161272
Edward I123912721307
Edward II128413071327
Edward III131213271377
Richard II136713771399
Henry IV136713991413
Henry V138714131422
Henry VI142114221461
Edward IV144214611483
Edward V147014831483
Richard III145214831485
Henry VII145714851509
Henry VIII149115091547
Edward VI153715471553
Lady Jane Grey153715371537
Mary I151615531558
Elizabeth I153315581603
James I156616031625
Charles I160016251649
Interregnum 16491660
Oliver Cromwell159916571658
Charles II163016601685
James II163316851688
William III165016891702
Mary II166216891694
George I166017141727
George II168317271760
George III173817601820
George IV176218201830
William IV176518301837
Edward VII184119011910
George V186519101936
Edward VIII189419361936
George VI189519361952
Elizabeth II19261953 

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