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2008 First Type Twenty Pence
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2008 Undated Mule Type Twenty Pence
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Undated Twenty Pence (20p) Coins Error Mule Worth £50?
About six months ago, we became aware of an error variety of British Twenty Pence coin.
When the Royal Mint changed the UK coinage designs in 2008, they made an easy mistake, and produced a quantity of 20p coins with the incorrect pairing of obverse and reverse dies (head and tail sides).
Our photographs show the two different types, and their correct pairing.
The "mule" coins, as such error pairings are known, have the pairing shown in our third, and therefore do not show a date.
From various sources we hear that possibly up to 200,000 of these mule coins were released. Although this type of error is fairly unusual, it has happened to 3 different British coins in the past 30 years, that we know about. This latest 20p mule is almost certainly the most plentiful of the 3 "recent" mule issues.

Media Manipulation
What surprises us slightly is that the "undated 20 pence" mule should suddenly get into the news on most British media, and some international media also. As usual, we here at Chard set out to find out the truth, and publish accurate facts here on our website. We do this free and as a public service.

The (So-Called) London Mint Office
In one sense, we have to admire the inventive genius of some of the marketing people at The London Mint Office. In a move of which Phineas T. Barnum would have been proud, they appear to have issued a press release saying they will pay £50 each for these 20p mules. As usual, the Press have misunderstood, and misinterpreted the statement, as we will explain. In some cases this may have been deliberate, after all, why miss or spoil a good news story, and you don't want to miss out to your competitors when it comes to a bit of midsummer madness on a quiet news week.
It's a great story because ordinary people can get money for (next to) nothing. It's also what people want to hear, so naturally they are very happy and willing to believe it.
Looking at the above website, which displays a clear "London Mint Office" logo, we notice that to be able to sell one of these mules, if you have found one, you must first "register" with LMO, which means you get placed on their one born every minute mailing list.
They only allow one registration per household, and we guess that anybody trying to sell more than one mule will get turned away. We would stake a life on it that they would refuse to pay out if somebody turned up with 1,000 of them.
If LMO end up having to buy perhaps 100 mules, at a cost of £5,000 it will have been a very cheap way of getting a 10,000 name mailing list of gullible people.

The first few to come on the market went for slightly silly prices, possibly over £100 each in a few cases. Possibly not stupid as if there had only been a few hundred mules released, they may have been worth even more.
A quick check shows that 3 examples sold recently on a popular auction website (whose name is a four-letter word, so we will avoid using it here), for between £21 and £25 each.

Chinese Whispers
Every telling of the original story seems to get altered, rather like the game of Chinese Whispers.
Here are a few media reports with their most glaring errors highlighted:

Twenty Pence Coins on eBay
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More To Follow
About 20 more media errors to follow, right now, I'm going home for a beer. More tomorrow...

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