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Spellings on eBay
We often despair at many of the spellings on eBay. Some of them are so bad that we find ourselves laughing out loud, and at other times, we feel sad about the general standards of literacy, or lack of any. Is this just an eBay phenomenon, or is it universal? Is it poorly educated youths, texters, lack of education, intelligence, or what?
Or are we becoming intellectual snobs?

People Who Live in Glass Houses...
...Should not throw stones.
We all make typo's (typographical errors). I certainly have decided that my fingers are dyslexic, but there are spell-checkers in most word-processing and web-authoring software. Again, we probably all forget occasionally to run the spell-checker, and good spellers probably forget more than do poor spellers. Also it's possible to mistype and get another valid word, so that the spell-checker fails to spot it, but, having made due allowance, and my own excuses in advance, for human error, it seems as though most of the listings on eBay are so hopelessly illiterate, and so carelessly written, that one has to either laugh or cry when reading them.

Cheer Up - Think Positive
We believe that laughter is the best medicine, and it's better to try to enjoy the howlers rather than get cross at, and frustrated by, them. In this spirit, we have made a note of some classic eBay mis-spellings, mainly from the item titles, where you would expect people to care, but some include subtitles, or snippets from the actual listings.

Weird Spellings in eBay

Mainly Coins
Most of these listings are coin-related, as we use eBay ourselves to sell and advertise a small percentage of our products. Where we have seen other boobs from other sections, we have included them. Many more to follow...

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