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Princess Cut Diamond
Princess Cut Diamond

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Princess Cut D Colour Flawless Diamonds
Following from the great demand for our brilliant cut "perfect diamonds" - D colour and internally flawless, we have now added a small selection of certificated D IF Princess Cut diamonds from our current stock.

Perfect Diamonds
If you already know about diamond quality, you will know that it is impossible to get better quality than D colour Internally Flawless diamonds. If you don't know about diamond qualities, please check out our advice section, starting at Diamonds - The 4 C's.

WeightShape (Cut)ColourClarityCertAvail£ Per CaratPrice £Price $
0.26Princess CutDIFEGLYes£1,940£504$Ask
0.33Princess CutDIFEGLYes£2,290£755$Ask
0.51Princess CutDIFEGLAsk£2,688£1,371$Ask
0.76Princess CutDIFEGLAsk£4,230£3,215$Ask
1.01Princess CutDIFEGLAsk£6,700£6,764$Ask

Key to Table
Weight = Weight in carats.
Shape = Shape and cut.
Colour = Colour, usually on GIA scale.
Clarity = Clarity, usually on GIA scale.
Cert = Laboratory issuing the certificate.
Avail = Available
Price £= Total price in £ pounds sterling, including VAT.
Price $= Total price in $ pounds sterling, excluding VAT.

Diamond Quality

Coloured Diamonds

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