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Round Brilliant Cut Diamond
Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

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By publishing our catalogue via the internet, we have the ultimate low cost way of showing our range to the whole world.
Looked at another way, the whole world has an easy way to view our product range.

Clicks & Mortar?
We hear discussions raging about clicks versus bricks. Traditional bricks and mortar retailing versus the clicks of the internet. The two don't have to be mutually exclusive.
We have a foot in both camps.
We bought our building in 1968, so we can rightly claim to be an established part of the bricks and mortar distribution chain.
We even had a couple of retail jewellery shops for about 20 years, however, we didn't feel that the High Street suited our philosophy. We like to be a little different. Besides, we didn't like the High Street rents, or the landlords. Actually some of the landlords weren't bad, but their philosophy was to jack the rents up every few years by as much as possible.

Mail Order Diamonds?
Yes, why not!
We have been dealing by mail order since 1964. Originally we were coin dealers, in fact we still are. Because the coin business is so highly specialised and appeals only to a small minority, mail order was the only way we could reach enough customers.
The internet happens to be an even better and more cost effective way of reaching our customers than sending out mail order catalogues.
There is no travelling into town, no traffic, no hassle, no nasty weather, no closing times. You can just sit at home and browse whenever you want.
When you are ready to order, you can use the mail.

What About Information?
By visiting a High Street store, you can ask questions and find out lots of information.
Well maybe you can if you pick the right stores, but it costs money to employ and train good sales staff. Most jewellery stores are just going to try to sell you what they've got, rather than ensure you get the information you need to make the best choice. How much information can you get in most stores? Compare that with the amount of information and advice on our website, (and it isn't anywhere near finished yet!).

The 4C's - 4 Clicks
The famous 4C's of diamond quality could be re-defined as 4 Clicks.
On our website, you may be just 4 clicks away from finding your perfect diamond.

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