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List of eBay Copyright Thieves

eBay Copyright Thieves & The Things They Tell Us
When we report eBay copyright thieves, some e-mail to complain that they haven't done anything wrong. We list some of the complaints we get.

Anonymous Crooks & Idiots
You will notice that most of the e-mailers have forgotten or omitted to tell us important information such as their eBay ID or one of the Item Listing Numbers. Without this, we can only guess WTF they are, and WTF they are rabbiting on about.
Sometimes we can piece the data together like detectives, but why should we have to do the hard work? Are all eBayers stupid and dishonest, or just the majority?
Also, almost none of them tell us their real address and contact details. Unfortunatley eBay makes it easy for crooks and shysters to operate under a cloak of anonymity.

More Copyright Abuse & Image Theft
The dealers and websites named and shamed on this page are limited to those who have stolen our photographs of various coins, mainly base metal, silver or platinum.
On our other websites we also name and shame those who steal our photographs of:

Antitrust Case Legal Case Against eBay & Coin Grading Firms
eBay, the ANA, the PNG, and & Barry Suppler are being sued in federal court alleging anti-competitive conduct. the Lowest Possible Price

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