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A Typical Gems TV Solitaire
A Typical Gems TV Solitaire
A Typical Gems TV Dress Ring
A Typical Gems TV Dress Ring

Buying Jewellery from Shopping Channels
Every week, we get people who have bought jewellery on shopping channels such as Gems TV, sometimes they need it repairing, others want an appraisal and valuation to ensure they have not been cheated, but most expect to be able to resell it at a profit. Nearly all expect our free expert advice. Some are merely bragging about what a great deal they have got. Some folk ask our advice because they are thinking about buying jewellery from a shopping channel. So what are the benefits and pitfalls of buying from these channels?

Why Are You Buying It?
This might seem obvious, but before we can advise anyone whether or not they should buy any piece of jewellery, they should ask themselves why they are buying it. The most obvious motives are:-

Let's take these reasons one by one, and examine the advantages and disadvantages.

Exactly What You Want
This is the best reason for buying any piece of jewellery anywhere at any time. As far as the price is concerned you should ask yourself whether you will get an amount pleasure from owning and wearing it at least equal to its cost. If it passes this test, then buy it.

Because It's Cheaper
This is not as good a reason as it may at first appear. First you should ask whether you are buying something you really want. If not, then you probably should not buy it. Some people are determined to get a bargain, even if is not something they will get any use out of. It is also worth bearing in mind that the starting price of these 'games' is not always a true value. The following text has been taken directly from Gems TV website:

"Keep in mind that the starting price in any game is merely the price that GemsTV has selected to initiate the game and does not necessarily represent the fair market value, suggested retail price or other generally used or accepted selling price for the item(s). All on-screen prices will be stated in Pounds Sterling and include VAT."
This leads nicely on to our next point...

To Make a Profit
This is generally a stupid reason. If it were so simple to buy cheaply from one company and sell it for an instant profit to a different one, don't you think that UK jewellers would be buying the lot, and making instant fortunes on the re-sale?

Because It's Different
This is quite a good reason to buy. Obviously , you should apply the same criteria as under the "Exactly What You Want" heading. Make sure that you will get your value by enjoying wearing or owning it. There may also be a practical reason why you don't see the same designs in the high street.

Guarantees & Repairs
What will happen if you have a problem with the jewellery which would normally be covered under warranty? Can you return it, and if so how much will it cost to post and insure? What about repairs?

Gems TV & Chard
Occasionally we do buy Gems TV rings off our customers and then offer them for sale both in our showroom and on our website.
Quite often we find that these products are set in 9ct gold and that the diamonds are quite small, meaning that we can offer them for sale at relatively low prices.
We would recommend that if you like any Gems TV product then buy it but please be aware that the product may not be of the usual high quality that Chard promote!

Problems We've Had
A problem that we have had with Gems TV products is that inclusions 'appear' after they have had work - such as re-sizing - done. After doing some research we discovered that Gems TV coat their gemstones in an oil, that then comes off when the products are cleaned with an industrial cleaner. This means that natural inclusions that have always been there then become more obvious. Obviously this upsets the owner of the ring as the piece of jewellery then looks sub-standard.
Gems TV's Terms and Conditions of Sale do actually advise people to use a particular jewellers for any resizing work that needs doing. This then ensures that they can either re-coat the gemstone or use a different cleaning agent that does not remove this oil.

Buying Jewellery - New or Secondhand? the Lowest Possible Price

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