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Obverse of Harry Potter Wizard Pack
Obverse of Harry Potter Wizard Pack

Reverse of Harry Potter Wizard Pack
Reverse of Harry Potter Wizard Pack

Harry Potter Coins

The golden galleons are the largest of the three coins. They are gold coloured, but may be transformed into real gold by the judicious use of the correct spell. Isn't it the Philosopher's Stone which is supposed to turn base metal into gold?

The silver sickles are the middle sized coin, and although ours are, of course, not real silver, you may be able to transform them into real silver with the appropriate spell or a little alchemy.

We always worry about getting the spelling right on these. Of course spells and spelling are very important in the magical world of Harry Potter. Knuts are the smallest coin and are copper or bronze coloured.

The coins are available in two packs, one is a three coin pack containing all three coins used in the Movie and the other contains the Galleon, the large "gold" coin used in the Movie.

Wizard Money
GalleonUNUM GALLEONGold17 Sickles or 493 Knuts
SickleUNUM SICKLESilver29 Knuts
KnutUNUM KNUTCopper1 Knut

Our photographs show the Potter coins, galleons, sickles and knuts.

Prices & Availability
Single Coin Wizard Pack1 'Gold' GalleonSold Out
Triple Wizard Coin Pack1 Galleon
1 Sickle
1 Knut
Sold Out

Triple Wizard Coin Pack

Quantity Rate Buy
1 £12.95 Call to check availability
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Fully Insured $20
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