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Obverse of Henry VI Calais Silver Groat
Obverse of Henry VI Calais Silver Groat

Reverse of Henry VI Calais Silver Groat
Reverse of Henry VI Calais Silver Groat

Henry VI Calais Groat

Henry VI
Henry reigned from 1422 to 1461, and 1470 to 1471. Coins were struck at London, Bristol, York, Calais and Durham. Three denominations of gold and five of silver were issued. All the silver coins are of the long cross reverse design.

It seems that the word groat originated from the Italian grosso meaning large, after the coin of that name first issued in Venice in 1201. The Venetian grosso was originally valued at 24 pence (piccioli), but later rose to 32 pence. English groats were first issued in 1279, and have always been issued as 4 pence.

Silver Groat of Calais Mint
Th Calais mint was operating in English hands between 1424 and 1440.
There were a variety of control marks used during the reign to denote different issues, with considerable overlap between them.

The typical facing portrait of the time, mintmark cross patonce, rosette stops.

Long cross, inscriptions in two outer circles, inner circles with 3 pellets, mintmark plain cross (7a). Mascle, rosettes and saltires as stops.

Seaby catalogue #1859

Grade and Price
Almost mint state, as illustrated, portrait particularly sharp.

Price & Availability
DescriptionAvailabilityPrice £Price $
Henry VI Groat, almost mint stateSold£185$305

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